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You will accomplish all your pending works on time and may initiate a new venture as well.

You would like to do the things methodically in a proper manner. Your skills will enhance and reputation will increase. Financially you would be on sound footing. During the phase you may plan for business expansion and it shall be duly implemented. However the servicemen would keep on performing well and shall be dear to their superiors, their work will be appreciated and may get extra advantages.

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In the beginning of second week you may hear any unwanted news from close friend or relative. Family atmosphere will become tense and misunderstanding may among the members. Your pending projects shall be completed with the assistance of some influential fellow and you will gain confidence again.

You will face the adverse circumstances bravely with patience. Property issues may get complicated during this period but very soon the matter will be settled amicably with the intermediation of any senior family member hence the differences with brothers will also subside. The servicemen may get unexpected monetary benefit. During the phase misunderstanding with the business partner or life partner will meet to an end with mutual understanding. Your religious feelings will wave high and you may advance in charity or other philanthropy activities.

By the end of second half you will have to attend various auspicious occasion where you will meet many new fellows hence your social circle will also increase. In the starting of the second half you shall have to bear big loss. During the time superiors and coworkers will stay annoyed with you. Instead of taking lesson you will commit more blunders being impatient and desperation this will add a bad name and your reputation will diminish.

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Those who are in joint venture will enjoy better profit because the bonding with partners shall be good and both will take of each other. Personal relations will also become warmer because this is the suitable time for the love birds.

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Friends and relatives will remain closer whereas the frequent parties will be arranged to greet one another. By the end of the year you will remain busy in performing your professional liabilities, you may meet any of your old friends. You may invest on home maintenance or renovation. An altercation with government is also seen. Students will perform better in exam and interviews; you shall be successful in every exam you deliver. You will enjoy good time with family and friends. December 1st — 7th Starting of the month shall be favorable as between 1st and 2nd you will face the situation courageously and energetically which will ensure significant success in every sphere of life.

Legal and government related issues may go in favor whereas in profession you will not afraid of taking risk and doing hard labor. You will make your own way and prove it right anyhow. Between 3rd and 4th you will have an auspicious phase as the planetary position is the most favorable.

Jupiter and Mars will give you opportunity to get more wealth. Goddess Lakshmi will shed her blessings as a result you will be successful in all your endeavors, inflow of money shall be thick and fast. In profession you could be assigned with more liabilities which you will discharge properly on time whereas in profession life you will be active and supportive.

You will exhibit your excellence. Financial situation will be consolidated. Between 5th and 6th business expansion plans can be executed, you may introduce new technology to enhance profit margin substantially whereas employees will establish close relations with seniors which will prove quite helpful in long run. However on 7th due to high work load you may feel exhausted which may impact your mental and physical health and also family atmosphere. December 8th — 15th On 8th you may come across with some unpleasant news from the closer relatives or friends.

You may remain tensed and listless all the time which may impact family atmosphere; it would be hostile and quarrelsome. You could be hurt by someone close. Hence keep a check over temper and tongue else the situation may go adverse. Out of pain and addiction can come the healer. There is also the strength that comes after a struggle. Ascendant Leo 1 can have very challenging, obsessive and dramatic relationships, in some cases, they inspire art Morrisette.

Talent and prophetic ability are here, usually, it is a gift passed down from their ancestors. The Christ connection is strong here where perhaps the subject plays the part of either the fallen man or woman Mary Magdelene or they can be the Christ savior figure in relationships. The experience of slander by the opposite sex can also be marked with the Ascendant Leo 1.

Feeling linked to the environment, working towards the protection of the land. So either these folk are going to be hugely confident in relationships or they suffer a total lack of ego and are attracted to egoistical people. Even the most insecure of these will be perceived as bossy, in the sense that they may only feel confident if they are in total control of their partner. The mother bear energy means that Leo 2 rising will easily become the parent and caretaker in the relationship. Signup and recharge your account to start your consultation with these experts. Get the best horoscope readings regularly through our Free Daily Horoscope app.

Apart from the general overview of your horoscope analysis, you can also read specific reports on Love, Career, Health, and Finance. Daily, weekly and monthly reports available. As the leader of the pack, it is but hard to miss your charm, Leo and everything about you screams attention. You are the cynosure of all eyes and when you walk in with your head held high there is not the slightest chance The way this in vogue Leo.

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While earlier the This October, look within yourself to understand your emotions, the reason behind your conduct and the source of your conflicts. This October, remind yourself to always be happy.

Leo Monthly Horoscope. Today This Week This Month Leo Monthly Love Horoscope This month may not be a great month for you as far as love is concerned. Leo Monthly Health Horoscope You will enjoy great mental peace this month.