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Police have called in reinforcements from across Britain after failing to smash Extinction Rebellion's illegal eco-village in central London where activists were free to rave at a giant Orbital gig in Trafalgar Square last night.

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Irene Robinson, 60, stole from the frail victim at sheltered accommodation in the West End of Newcastle. She admitted two counts of burglary and was given a suspended sentence. The clip shows the young boy being chased through a park in Leicester by a group of youths before being kicked to the ground. John B. Goodenough, from the US, M. Stanley Whittingham, from England, and Akira Yoshino, from Japan, were all announced winners for their work in the s and s. Edward Short, 50, and his wife Hazel, from Devon, were granted permission to tear down their clifftop house and build their dream white-art deco lighthouse abode in left, their original house.

In tonight's episode of channel 4's Grand Designs, the couple reveal they'd hoped the project would take 18 months to complete - but after facing multiple challenges, it still remained unfinished in November last year right. Apple has become the latest firm targeted by China over products or comments related to anti-government protests in Hong Kong. State paper People's Daily criticised the tech giant today. Former fire chief Stewart Edgar is accused of allegedly undercharging Cheltenham racecourse for fire support in return for hospitality.

Stewart Edgar and the racecourse denies any wrongdoing. John and Clare Croucher were at the Blue Lagoon in Bletchley, Milton Keynes as officers began an operation that could last up to ten days, after someone reported seeing a grey hooded top in the water. Leah was wearing a distinctive grey 'Stewartby' taekwondo hoodie with a colourful logo at the time she went missing. She was last seen by her parents on the evening of February 14 after she told them she had been going to see a friend. The plan using medical grade heroin is the first of its kind in the country and is designed to cut crime and reduce the number of addicts dying.

Pictured, the treatment centre in Middlesborough. Sunderland-based Hays has already recruited ex-Thomas Cook staff and has offered employment to more of the airline's personnel. All passengers stuck abroad have been returned to the UK. She insists she asked staff to remove any tomato due to an allergy. Jade claims her throat swelled and she broke out in hives. Michael Enzanga was likened to a 'caged animal fighting for his life' as he repeatedly knifed Hampshire Police constable Russell Turner, 56, at Stamshaw Park in Portsmouth.

Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia has given birth to her first child. She revealed the child's adorable name in the caption, writing: 'Welcome to the world Max Valentine Imbruglia. My heart is bursting myboy. The Norwegian Spirit liner promised 2, tourists a once-in-a-lifetime 'mystical fjords' tour. But passengers described the two-week cruise as 'the worst trip ever' after being stuck out at sea for three days. Ricardo Chavira - who starred with the actress on all eight seasons of Desperate Housewives - took to Twitter to blast the year-old actress for her 'slap on the wrist' sentencing.

James Mudd, 38, of Canning Town, had suffered from recurring priapism for two years. After surgery, a saline sack inside his penis is inflated with a pump between his testicles. Student, Williams, from Glasgow, wasted no time in going on the spree, treating 15 of her friends to clothes. Pictured: Amy Williams, the haul of clothes delivered from Missguided.

Marcela Iglesias is often called 'fake' and 'plastic', but the Argentina-born, Los Angeles-based mom-of-one said she has never gone under the knife to achieve her human Barbie look. Sarah Ferguson, 59, has told how her daughter Princess Beatrice, 31, 'can only' get married in Britain. It comes after speculation the royal could tie the knot to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in Italy. Howard Riddle pictured said detectives should have disclosed evidence that undermined the credibility of the man behind the claims.

Sarah Chan, 27, and her husband, Jon, 36, were set to move into their new-build home in Huyton, Merseyside, with their two young children in September. Experts reviewed more than studies on the Antarctic-dwelling species. They say that research suggests that 'emperor populations will decrease by more than 50 per cent over the current century. Brown rats in Britain outnumber humans nearly two to one. Rats, that can produce up to a dozen babies six times every year, will chew through almost anything to make a hole to enter your home.

Mary Hardiman pictured left this year visited Charles 'Chucky' Mamou right in Texas, where he awaits execution by lethal injection for the killing of two people in The clip is believed to have been taken inside a prison in Essex and shows a male inmate being repeatedly hit in the face. A petition calling on the Prime Minister to honour his pledge to fix a broken system that forces countless pensioners to sell their homes to fund crippling care costs was handed to Boris Johnson.

Last week, Ed Sheeran's brother-in-law submitted plans to East Suffolk Council for the new prayer retreat, which will be used for social gatherings, marriages and christenings. Two sex offenders have revealed what taking part in the Sex Offender Treatment Programme for England and Wales entailed and why they think it worsens some inmates. Shoppers have shared the amusing fixes they made after mistakenly buying the wrong greeting cards.

Posting the before and after results to picture sharing site Bored Panda, customers who couldn't quite find the appropriate cards for the occasion decided to get creative. Seen clockwise: A birthday card turns into a condolence card; A celebratory card turns into an apology their house burnt down; A congratulatory card for a pregnant woman turns into a new job card; Someone is praised for having surgery; A baby card is turned into an adult's birthday card; A woman celebrating her 50th is given a barbie card for a 5-year-old.

Sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox has revealed how rough sex is becoming more commonplace in the bedroom, as impressionable men force women to try new moves. On October 5, Jaime Pressly shared a snap of herself with her eldest son Dezi. In the caption, she wrote that the year-old is her favorite 'although I luv all 3 of my boys with everything I have in me. Research shows that, by her 60s, the average woman's pension pot is only a third the size of a man's. There are 1.

After getting an email advertising other jobs, he tried unsubscribing, but couldn't find an option. The TV presenter prompted debate among movie goers across the UK after he bemoaned turning up to the cinema only to sit through half an hour of trailers and advertisements. Top online gamer from Hong Kong Ng Wai Chung was expelled from the eSports tournament Sunday after he showed support for the city's pro-democracy movement during a live-stream.

Professor Jean Decety of the University of Chicago has been forced to retract his report four years after it was first published in the Current Biology journal. Who was mad? Who was bad? Who was sad? Who was glad? But most importantly - who cared? Emma Matthews, 24, from West Yorkshire, weighed 14 stone 6. The charity worker has said that living a healthy lifestyle has 'changed her life'. Seen clockwise: Bread and pasta,enchiladas, vegan katsu kurry, fish and chips, all of which are still allowed on her plan.

Tracey Melinda Deimert, 47, from Bridgewater, who collapsed on 28 September and awoke six weeks later with total memory loss, has spoken of her steady recovery a decade on. Footage, main, appears to shows the moment William Thomas, 36, spits and then punches Marisha Sporer, 29, in a violent attack on September 14, as part of a layover at Denver Airport. Scientists in the Republic of Korea studied particulate matter PM , one of the main pollutants. They said its effects 'could lead to baldness', but further studies need to confirm this. We spent a day with one of the world's top interior designers, Alexander James Interior Design, to learn about its tricks and how they can be incorporated into your own home.

David Omand pictured , former director of GCHQ, said personal information became 'feedstock' for political campaigning while speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. Simon Finch pictured , 49, of Swansea, South Wales, is accused of a 'damaging disclosure' of defence information in October last year, Scotland Yard said. Great British Bake Off left viewers in hysterics tonight after the show's popular Henry Bird main was left telling Paul Hollywood to 'shut up' after receiving a handshake from the TV chef.

Lingerie brands Victoria's Secret and Bluebella have partnered up for a photo campaign celebrating women's diverse bodies. The young model, 24, pictured left transitioned when she was She said she felt liberated by the whole process. The campaign will also feature a size 14 model - a first for Victoria's Secret.

Here are some of the highlights. Entrepreneur Thea Thorpe, 30, is tying the knot with Jack Logan-Beddings, 36, both from Nottingham, next summer after they used the site to cheat on their previous partners. Doctors at Skane University Hospital in Lund said yesterday that while Ebola was unlikely, they could not rule out the lethal virus until test results came back. Jacqueline Wilson pictured made checks on for Jacqueline Goosey, They were given suspended sentences at Preston Crown Court after admitting unauthorised access to computer data.

Southgate led a team meeting to discuss the prospect of racist taunts during Monday's Euro qualifier in Bulgaria, and also Friday's game in Prague against the Czech Republic. Catherine Mulhall was hit after getting out of a taxi after a night out near her home in Oldham. Tests showed she would have been more than four times the alcohol limit for driving. England's top cricketer was seen with his hand on Clare Stokes's face at the Professional Cricketers' Association party in London last Wednesday.

Nine Botswana rhinos have been poached since April, the government said Wednesday, an unprecedented rate of one per month that could see rhinos wiped out in the African nation by A police video taken at the crime scene shows the sisters accused of murdering their 'rapist' father admitting their father was sedated and sitting in an armchair when they attacked him. Krestina, Angelina and Maria - aged 19, 18 and 17 when he was killed with his hunting knife and a hammer - claim they acted in self-defence after years of bullying.

But the video shows Maria saying: 'He was sitting in this armchair, in that corner. Me and Angelina approached from the back, she had a hammer, I had a knife. Krestina and Angelina could be jailed for between eight and 20 years if found guilty. Erica Bennett, 39, in South Carolina, was thrilled to be reunited with the last text messages sent to her by her late father, when a diver found her iPhone at the bottom of a river over a year after losing it.

Created by American entrepreneur Andy Frisella, the 75HARD Challenge is a day mental toughness test designed to build resilience and strength by pushing the human body to its limit. Sydney mum and lifestyle blogger Lyndall Tolhurst recently told her followers how arranging her clothes by season twice a year saves her hours of stress deciding what to wear. Joy Mohammed, 31, from Detroit, spent her life wearing make-up that was too light for her skin, but when she found a shade inset that matched from local brand The Lip Bar, she was asked to be a model on its website right.

The mother-of-five, said she is now teaching her own daughter Adaline, five, pictured together left about beauty diversity and is finally happy in her own skin. Goldsmith Street in Norwich, a group of eco-friendly homes commissioned by the local authority, beat five other architectural marvels from across the UK to scoop the coveted Stirling Prize.

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The British Film Institute's Diversity Standards are already part of the criteria for Bafta's film awards and are now being extended to cover small-screen productions. The victim, who has not been named but believed to have been in her thirties, was attacked at her terraced home in the Highfields area of Leicester yesterday morning.

According to The Sun , executives at distributor Focus Features have approached writer Julian Fellowes to begin work on a sequel to make the most out of the film's success. An irritated Amazon delivery driver has been caught on camera throwing a package in rage after tripping up. The driver had struggled to manage to reach the doorway of a boat, stumbling and dropping one of the parcels into the water.

The driver had been delivering a microwave to Cheryl Lindsey, who was staying on her son's houseboat while he was on holiday. In just two years, dozens of cemeteries have been destroyed in Xinjiang in north-western China, an investigation shows. The mass demolition left behind human bones and broken tombs. Scientists studied women before and after giving birth in Nigeria, Myanmar, Ghana and Guinea and found they were subject to a range of mistreatment, including being slapped or mocked during labour.

The Fleetwood Town manager arrived at Barnsley magistrates court to face a single charge of assault before district judge Joanne Hirst.

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The number of people being released under investigation RUI after being questioned by police has 'dramatically increased', leaving victims at risk and suspects 'in limbo'. This is the amazing moment an octopus changed colour while hunting for food last month in the Red Sea resort of Marsa Alam. The footage was captured by a snorkelling holidaymaker. In another mystery from the deep, warty looking octopuses, once believed to be different species, are in fact the same octopus species as their smooth skinned shallow water counterparts.

A brilliant psychologist and specialist in hate crime and violence in South Africa was brutally butchered and had her throat slit in her own home by a gang of armed robbers. Kate, 67, and Ray Hayes, 72, from Skelmersdale in West Lancashire, had planned the trip of a lifetime around Asia but were held 'like criminals' in Beijing Airport before being forced to fly home.

Luke Batters was travelling at 78mph four seconds before losing control of his motorcycle on a bend in Newport, an inquest was told. He was on a hands-free call with girlfriend Ami Fox both pictured. Gary Arthur Allen, 46, has today been charged with the murder of Alena Grlakova, whose body was found near a hotel in Rotherham three months after she was reported missing by her family. A new study from Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, found that the risk of strokes and heart attacks rose nearly 20 percent for those whose salary decreased.

Harry Schild, 69, was driving with his wife on the A1 near Thirsk, North Yorkshire, when he spotted blue Volkswagen Golf hurtling towards him. The Bake Off star took to social media on Tuesday to say that he was suffering with a 'serious bout of depression' telling his 90, followers 'I'm signing off'. The online campaign has been launched by lovers of the Scottish soft drink who are fed up with the new brew - which has less sugar.

A 39 year old hit woman working for a Colombian drug cartel pictured said she killed pregnant women, chopped a man into pieces and killed her own cousin after starting on the job at 15, and she loves it. Four casual cocaine user from the UK travel to Colombia and were shocked to find out how much violence the drug mustered in the community. Chanel right , who met the assassin, said she found her job 'disgusting. He died on the spot when the bomb hit him rather than the cash machine he was trying to crack. Researchers from the University of Texas have used aerial scans and images of land in Belize to find Mayan farmers produced methane and CO2 by expanding wetlands.

President Lenin Moreno has moved his administration from capital, Quito, alleging he is the target of a coup attempt. Government will operate from port city of Guayaquil. Christina Koch, 40, left and Andrew Morgan, 43, right removed three batteries and installed two new ones, lugging the kg batteries along the ship themselves before pausing to enjoy the view main. The new lithium-ion batteries to be installed are so powerful that only one is needed for every two old ones.

The crew is carrying out five battery space walks this month with five more U. The phenomenon is a rare find for marine biologists since the egg sacs are rarely found beyond the bounds of the deep sea and usually only last for several days before dissipating into the ocean. He says the Post Office were unable to tell him why. While Brigitte, 66, wore an all-black ensemble, pairing black heels with a black coat dress. Tehran has lifted a ban on female supporters attending football matches and thousands of Iranian women snapped up the 3, tickets that were available in less than an hour woman pictured purchasing tickets, left.

Though Iran has allowed a 'select few' women to attend football matches in the past women can be seen posing during a game against Bolivia in , bottom right , this is the first time they will be able to celebrate freely. Last month, a female fan dubbed, 'Blue Girl,' set herself alight in the fear of being jailed for dressing up as a boy to attend a game.

When Paul Lavery, 29, brought Harlso into his Belfast home, he had no idea of the hidden talent the Dachshund had. The video shows him balancing tiny shoes, a globe, and macarons on his head. The house, called The Gunnery, sits just yards from the edge of a 90ft cliff at Kingsdown, Kent, and boasts stunning views of the Channel, the White Cliffs of Dover and France, as well as a private beach. But a band of cheeky squirrels quickly went to show him how it's done by jumping behind the lens themselves. Pi, of Long Long Ranch in North Bay, Ontario, went into a yelping meltdown upon seeing the shelled reptile laying motionless on the ground.

Ranch staff watched in bewilderment as the five-year-old pooch wildly scampered around the turtle in circles, daring to inch closer to the mysterious animal with each lap. The hound barked and wagged her tale ferociously, cocking her head forward and then quickly backing away as she it is expecting the harmless turtle to suddenly lash out. Elias Abi-merhi brought his own pita bread to a McDonald's restaurant in Sydney and asked staff to make a Big Mac using it. Four-year-old Carlyn Mapili was enjoying an afternoon nap at her home in Pasay City, the Philippines when it was decided she should wake up.

But after just 10 minutes, Sofia walked into the room to reveal her 'art work' to her mother - who was left stunned to see her little girl's vibrant pink face. While upset to see her favourite lipstick destroyed, Victoria couldn't help but laugh at Sofia's attempts of colouring, especially when it left her with a pink hue for days.

President Erdogan launches 'Operation Peace Spring': Turkish air strikes target Syrian Kurds and ISIS fighters in a bid to 'neutralise terror threats' following withdrawal of US troops The Turkish military operation into Syria has been launched with airstrikes and will be supported by artillery and howitzer fire, a Turkish security source confirmed today. EU floats last-ditch offer of 'time limit' on the hated Irish border backstop amid scramble to break the Brexit deadlock - but DUP and Sinn Fein dismiss the idea as 'not plausible' There are suggestions that Brussels could offer a 'time limit' to show the UK will not necessarily be stuck in the arrangements forever.

Next Previous. British passport holders have until the end of the week to make sure they will still be able to travel to Europe if there is a No Deal Brexit Passport rules will become tighter for travel to most European countries if the UK splits from Brussels without an agreement on October Jeremy Corbyn claims the Queen must make him PM if Boris Johnson loses a vote of no confidence as Labour leader sparks fresh Remain Alliance row over who should lead a government of national unity The Labour leader said there is 'no process other than the leader of the opposition being invited to form that government' in the event that Mr Johnson is toppled.

She's WAG-atha Christie! Social media erupts with memes as Coleen Rooney turns detective to accuse Rebekah Vardy of leaking fake stories about her Following Coleen Rooney's accusations that Rebekah Vardy has been planting false stories about her life, the Internet was awash with hilarious and shocking memes.

Killer who stabbed girl scout Jodie Chesney, 17, to death 'banged out the wrong people' after targeting his drugs rivals says year-old jointly accused of the murder Jodie, 17, was sitting with friends in a park in Harold Hill, east London, when she was stabbed in the back on 1 March. The House of Commons will sit on Saturday after next week's crunch EU summit for the first time since the Falklands War - as Boris Johnson gears up for huge Brexit showdown Boris Johnson will summon MPs, whether or not there is an agreement thrashed out in Brussels the previous day.

A day of change! Queen of the high street! Blondes really do have more fun! Kate Middleton unveils new sunkissed locks. Couple hosted billionaire philanthropist at Kensington Palace to discuss their Royal Foundation charity William and Kate, both 37, hosted the billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder at their Kensington Palace home on Tuesday in their role as patrons of their Royal Foundation. Meghan Markle is seen beaming and giggling as she's 'crowned' with an Instagram filter in unseen footage from South Africa tour Artist Maxwell Mutanda, from Cape Town, shared a clip of Meghan Markle, 38, beaming and laughing as she tried out the Instagram filter, which had been inspired by one of hair artist Nikiwe Dlova's 'crown' designs left.

How your NOSE makes you crave pizza when you're tired 'because it causes a heightened sense of smell and makes the brain want to eat junk food' A study by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine suggests food smells stronger to people who are lacking sleep. Ad Feature Too many turmeric supplements to choose from? Could this Cambridge company provide the answer? Is this the answer? Is this THE jacket of autumn? John Bercow is blasted as a 'verbal playground bully' as NINE MPs line up to replace the controversial Commons Speaker saying there needs to be a 'culture shift' under his replacement Nine senior parliamentarians took pot shots at the controversial parliamentary gatekeeper as they too part in a special hustings ahead of an election for the role.

The forgotten palaces: Eerie video provides glimpse of the luxury lifestyles once enjoyed in north London's billionaires' row British Government should pay for parents of year-old 'knocked down and killed by American spy's wife' to sue her in the U. A peek at the couple's wild Turkish bash They tied the knot in a stunning Turkish ceremony last month.

Furious Donald Trump calls going into the Middle East 'the worst decision ever made' and demands Turkey take responsibility for captured ISIS fighters - opening way for Erdogan's forces to move into Kurdish Syria Donald Trump said Wednesday that he is 'slowly and carefully' bringing American soldiers home from the Middle East, ending U.

Is it YOU? Police battling Extinction Rebellion admit they are spending less time with victims of REAL crime as they call in help from 43 other forces to deal with stunts including a giant octopus and breastfeeding women The eco-zealots have even managed to expand their territory by almost a third overnight having already shut down two miles of roads around Parliament in the past 48 hours. Extinction Rebellion mothers stage mass breastfeeding after police escort children and their buggies along Whitehall Hundreds of women fed their babies outside the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London, where Boris Johnson was announced as the Conservative Party leader, to 'plead for the lives' of their children.

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