Compatibility of tauruss and taurus

Taurus Woman Taurus Man Compatibility – A Wonderful & Balanced Relationship

Charm and grace are important ingredients in Taureans' love life and the two of them do not only have the same requirements, but have them met too. If you're still not sure how do Taurus and Taurus go together so well, just keep reading. We explore the Taurus and Taurus compatibility in details. The result of two equally romantic individuals with the same needs and desires coming together into a relationship is simply magical.

Aside from their warmth and sensitive nature, Taureans are known as highly emotionally aware individuals who can get along together perfectly. They have soft, warm and loving energy that drives them crazy and they are bound to be heavily attracted since their first encounter. Neither of them wants to ever do something crazy or extraordinary, but they do know how to treat each other with luxuries. However, these two may come to disagreement once in a while as they're both equally stubborn and opinionated.


Luckily, their relationship will be too good to not overlook those small, silly fights. So how do Taurus and Taurus get along in a romantic relationship? When it comes to emotional compatibility, there is no better match for the Bull than with another Bull. Taureans never rush into a relationship and find it a bit hard to open up to someone, but when they do, they do it right.

A committed Taurus who's opened up to another Taurus and got the same treatment in return results in an incredible emotional basis upon which a powerful bond can be built. It may take them a while to get to this stage, but once they do, there's huge potential for love ever after. Both partners are loyal, honest and posses the same will power, along with a lot of love, positive vibes and pure harmony. Reliable, honest, loyal and absolutely devoted leaves little-to-zero chances of ever cheating their partner.

While Taurus is a powerful sign of sexual activity, it takes a high level of security and trust in their partner before they get wild and make their fantasies come true. When two Tauruses reach the stage of trusting and appreciating each other more than themselves, their sex life will be heavenly. They both have the same need for gentle touches and playing with all of their senses, as well as the same desire to create a romantic ambient whenever possible with candles, music, perfumes and flowers.

These two may often lack the desire to try out something new in bed and that is totally fine because they will both most certainly feel the same way. In rare cases, that lack of initiative may become a problem for one of them and since they're both stubborn, it will take some time for them to overcome it. Taureans are very domestic and prefer safety over adventure.

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The Bull seeks security, consistency and devotion and they cannot find it anywhere else but in another Taurus. Getting married after years of having a loving and fulfilling relationship is only a logical step for these two practical individuals. They will get the needed security and safety in their marriage and they will absolutely love their routines and plans together.

Their home will be built to satisfy all five senses, as they both have sharp senses. Friends and family are going to be a big part of their life together. Their hunger for financial security and material possessions may also play a huge role in Taurus and Taurus marriage , as it may have a weird way of strengthening their bond. Taureans have problems moving on from the past and that can make things really hard for them to trust people who've made mistakes in the past.

Once a Taurus learns the love history of their partner and don't perceive it as alright, especially if there's a problem with trust like cheating, it will be nearly impossible for a Taurus individual to ever trust that person; no matter how badly they want to. Taurus has to it the call of the lost souls to waken and be in alignment.

Christians celebrate Lent to spend time in fasting, quietness, and reverence to open that door leading to the freedom and fullness of life. Taurus deals with this strange opening to the acceptance and clarity of God. We see the darkest night in Taurus: souls unsure where to go or who to be in order to step into redemption.

Whether you are Christian or not isn't what this hub is about -- it's the metaphor here that plays into the idea and background of spring and how this energy relates to Taurus. It's an incredibly accessible metaphor, so I hope I'm not making anyone feel unwelcome here. Taurus of course is governed so much by these ideas that it's counterpart Scorpio seems devilish in comparison, but more so, Taurus does not understand the purpose and beauty of Scorpio naturally.

These two have a strong feud between them and the differences they hold in their opposite seasons.

taurus and taurus Compatibility - The Cons

To be honest, I feel like I'm more of a Scorpio expert. I understand the wide emotional range of the Scorpio, how they will sting you, and when. They have the most diverse sign considering the technically hold three forms: the serpent on its belly, the scorpion, and the one of the most powerful creatures of all -- the phoenix. The sign of resurrection. In this way, Scorpio isn't so different from Taurus, but uses completely different optics in order to help people and the world come into its place.

Two Tauruses will naturally be attracted to each other.

They will enjoy that they both are strong leaders in making life, sustaining life, and the creative souls they have. Sometimes Taurus only feels understood around people who are carbon copies of itself -- this in part comes from their ego in thinking Taurus is the best and the other signs pale in comparison. Without Taurus, they believe the rest of us would never come to any sense of our own being. Taurus can make for parents who think they know exactly how their child works, without actually getting to know them.

They will struggle to understand the disconnect and part of this comes from their ego. What Taurus desperately needs is humility. With another Taurus you may be able to better see yourself and where you need to grow in your journey on this planet. The great part about dating the same sign as the one you have is that you'll have plenty in common.

The problem is all your faults are magnified because even though you get to share all your favorite things, you don't have someone who is taking care of the tasks you don't like so much and together you end up putting those off. You'll need to communicate and compromise about the tasks you don't like doing in order for them to actually get done.

It's important for 2 Taurus souls to come together and see each other for who they are on a regular basis rather than play in your head a fantasy of who is the other person. It's easy for Taurus to lose sight and be lost in their own thought bubble to suddenly have to come to terms with reality. Taurus shouldn't just assume but continue to be curious. Make sure to spend time with each other noticing and appreciating the differences, while also sharpening your common goals. You may find that the two of you together can make for heated competition or passion.

It's important to appreciate each other in the gentle moments as well.

Taurus Taurus Compatibility In Love, Sex and Marriage Life

Just because one has tunnel vision and is ready to charge as the bull, doesn't mean that you have to do that as well. Take your time, try to control your temper. Try to learn from each other how to better yourselves. You can be indispensable guides and help each other open doors you thought previously never could be challenged.

Your efforts in this world are to be desired, so don't fret if you feel like progress isn't coming as fast as you would like. Things tend to fall into place for Taurus, and you don't have to rock the boat in order for things to happen this way. In fact, sometimes your temper cancels out the good things that want to come your way. Stay true to each other, stay vigilant, and learn to introspect on compassion.

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Taurus is meant to walk the path of compassion, but can easily bite itself in the heel with its pride. This sign makes for hard workers; they make for backbones of families, protective and nurturing souls in relationships, and leaders as parents. Taurus has to balance its own machoism with its softer, gentler sides. A happy Taurus would be outside constantly, able to run free within nature, while also in a place with some amount of consistency, integrity, and solidness. Taurus can be confused by too much sweeping thought or conversation.

These types can frequently be athletic, and often veer on the tracks of either egotistical overlords or gentle shepherds. The best for you to follow is that of a shepherd, willing to interact with the whole, willing to learn and understand the black sheep among us, and willing to never let go simply because of differences. A shepherd is nothing without people, and sometimes it's the people who really lead the shepherd, who keep the shepherd from going mad.

Be patient, be willing to hear the constellations of the world and their promises to you. Don't let wonderful things in your hands slip away because you were distracted. Taurus needs to keep to its commitments and values. Dropping those precious to you can really damage your relationships -- and even soul.

You don't have to set the sun in the sky for the whole world, but know the difference between the importance of being there to raise your children and stay in their lives and the arbitrariness of business organization and review. Life isn't only about exploration and progress into greater spheres of reality -- it's about connection. Connectivity to yourself, and connectivity to your loved ones.

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